State of Health & Wellness in Prince William

Posted on 10/31/2011 9:29 AM

Overall Concerns from the Council:
State of wellness in the workforce is poor: Increase wellness in workplace = increase in their bottom line (productivity
/absenteeism / morale).  The corporate workplace doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle: long commutes, long hours, high stress
levels.  Need to educate larger businesses on how they can include corporate perks that pertain to encouraging H&W. There are companies such as the FBI and Wetland Solutions that have a gym and sign-up sheet for employees when they exercise.  Employees receive benefits related to number of hours accumulated.  Ideas:
• Get the attention on the
National level – Michelle
Obama big supporter of
nutrition and attends health
related functions.
• Family Wellness Day –
approach PTAs for support.
• Stress Buster Day: Variety of
stations that are related to
reducing stress, improving
nutrition and increasing
exercise. Caregiver Stress –
more and more of us are
dealing with the need to care
for a loved one…whether at
home or in a facility. Affects
work productivity, and causes
sleep deprivation since mind is
often elsewhere


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