Green Offices

Posted on 10/31/2011 9:27 AM

One of the key issues from our first Health & Wellness Council
meeting was the importance of wellness in the workplace. With
the right incentives in place, a business can increase retention,
morale and productivity…the challenge is to get the word out.
Wetland Studies & Solutions, Inc. is on the cutting edge of this
concept and has invited the Health & Wellness Council to see
first-hand what is working for them. You have to see it to
believe it!

WSSI is the leading natural and cultural resources consultant in
Northern Virginia. Our wetland scientists, engineers, regulatory
/ compliance / survey / GIS specialists, and archeologists
assist developers and public works agencies with the permitting
process and create innovative solutions to water quality issues
affecting the Chesapeake Bay region.

Rain Gardens
WSSI designed and constructed two rain gardens and underground detention at
a private residence. Tasks included initial soil mix testing; construction plans;
erosion control; excavation and site grading; installation of storm chambers;
installation of soil media; planting and landscaping; and flood testing.


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