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  1. Posted on 10/31/2011 9:32 AM

    Preparing for Holiday Season...Nov. 1 meeting









    Join us NEXT TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST, 2011 12:00-1:00PM

    at the Chamber Headquarters 





    1.     What is stress; types of stress, stress warning signs, have a stress test, managing stress & relaxation exercises.

    2.     Ways to overcome the obstacles of too much “temptation” during the holidays; the reasons why we would WANT to not suffer the consequences of wrong choices; how to enjoy healthy food choices; specific nutrients in food that actually work well to reduce stress; and how to be energetic and feel great during the holidays!  

    3.       Why Self Care is very important; how to ask family and friends to help and/or take over tasks you traditionally have done; think of ways to honor your deceased loved one during the holidays; think ahead of possible difficult tasks or moments and make a plan for addressing them; and ways to reach out for professional guidance and support.

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  2. Posted on 10/31/2011 9:29 AM

    State of Health & Wellness in Prince William

    Overall Concerns from the Council:
    State of wellness in the workforce is poor: Increase wellness in workplace = increase in their bottom line (productivity
    /absenteeism / morale).  The corporate workplace doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle: long commutes, long hours, high stress
    levels.  Need to educate larger businesses on how they can include corporate perks that pertain to encouraging H&W. There are companies such as the FBI and Wetland Solutions that have a gym and sign-up sheet for employees when they exercise.  Employees receive benefits related to number of hours accumulated.  Ideas:
    • Get the attention on the
    National level – Michelle
    Obama big supporter of
    nutrition and attends health
    related functions.
    • Family Wellness Day –
    approach PTAs for support.
    • Stress Buster Day: Variety of
    stations that are related to
    reducing stress, improving
    nutrition and increasing
    exercise. Caregiver Stress –
    more and more of us are
    dealing with the need to care
    for a loved one…whether at
    home or in a facility. Affects
    work productivity, and causes
    sleep deprivation since mind is
    often elsewhere

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  3. Posted on 10/31/2011 9:27 AM

    Green Offices

    One of the key issues from our first Health & Wellness Council
    meeting was the importance of wellness in the workplace. With
    the right incentives in place, a business can increase retention,
    morale and productivity…the challenge is to get the word out.
    Wetland Studies & Solutions, Inc. is on the cutting edge of this
    concept and has invited the Health & Wellness Council to see
    first-hand what is working for them. You have to see it to
    believe it!

    WSSI is the leading natural and cultural resources consultant in
    Northern Virginia. Our wetland scientists, engineers, regulatory
    / compliance / survey / GIS specialists, and archeologists
    assist developers and public works agencies with the permitting
    process and create innovative solutions to water quality issues
    affecting the Chesapeake Bay region.

    Rain Gardens
    WSSI designed and constructed two rain gardens and underground detention at
    a private residence. Tasks included initial soil mix testing; construction plans;
    erosion control; excavation and site grading; installation of storm chambers;
    installation of soil media; planting and landscaping; and flood testing.

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